5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Waste Management

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Businesses need to make sure that they’re well-equipped to make the right decisions about recycling and waste management. Waste management training not only helps you and your employees adopt more efficient recycling and waste management practices but it also improves your decision-making.

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Get the most out of waste management

A lot of people believe that waste management practices come at a huge financial cost, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Proper waste management practices improve efficiencies and benefit your bottom line and the environment.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your approach to waste management and recycling:

1. Know what type of waste you are producing

Start by conducting an audit of your business premises. This way, you can easily tell what areas of your waste management and recycling you need to improve.

You would be surprised at how much recyclable materials end up in the waste bins. Make sure that all that can be recycled is recycled instead of being thrown out.

2. Demand transparency

If you are working with a waste management company that maybe rents out dumpsters, you need to know all the details of waste management. For example, you need to know when it’ll be collected, how much it weighs, and the end treatment process.

The waste collection company should be in a position to give you all this information about tonnage and transport. This allows you to report on your success and see whether or not you are meeting your goals.

3. Are the dumpsters/bins effective?

If the dumpsters are collected half empty or if recyclable materials are going into general waste, then there is likely room for improvement in your waste management practices.

Make sure that the dumpster rental company gives you the right-sized bins for your waste. If they’re too big, you’re paying for air to be collected, and if they’re too small, there’s a risk of them overflowing and you being overcharged.

4. Set your objectives

Since you already know what materials you are producing, you can tell where your largest waste comes from. This way you can make sure that your waste management plans are efficient and focused on reducing waste and maximizing recycling. With less waste and good quality recycling, your business will benefit from reduced costs and increased revenues.

5. Engage your employees

Everyone in the organization has a huge role to play in making sure that your business makes a positive impact on the environment. Provide your employees with educational materials to give them an idea of what best practices look like.


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