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More great reasons to choose Speedy Dumpster Rental

Our company name says it all, so when you do business with us, you can expect the speedy delivery of your dumpster no matter where you live in and around Santa Rosa. Another notable feature of our service is that we are available to both residential and commercial clients, so if you are revamping an existing home or structure – or creating a new one – you’re most likely going to have waste management considerations of some kind, and our expert technicians and drivers are highly trained to help you properly maintain the tidiness of your property while taking care of the environment.

Dependable Customer Service

No matter how large the fleet of dumpsters a company may have, if they come up short in the area of customer service, then that’s all the discriminating customer is going to remember. Our account managers and customer service representatives stay in touch from the time you call to first inquire about a dumpster, until the time of its return. Anything that might occur along the way will always be handled in the most appropriate manner.

Delivery in 48 Hours

Another word for a construction site without a well-placed dumpster (or three)… is a mess! The construction process necessitates an active job site, with lots of men and equipment in constant motion, and lots of waste being generated. You need your roll-off container delivered on-time, and Speedy Dumpster Rental is up to the challenge! It doesn’t matter how large and smelly the waste is, our dumpsters will easily cart-it-off and take it to the right place. With regard to the disposal of toxic waste and hazardous materials, we recommend calling us to discuss it. Financial penalties – and even criminal charges – are possible here, so let’s talk it over! For the fastest delivery of the dumpster, call Speedy Dumpster Rental Santa Rosa at (707) 708-3032!

A large fleet of dumpsters

The combination of quantity and quality do wonders, and that’s exactly what we have. With a large fleet of dumpsters in all sizes, we can assure you of on-time delivery and return of the dumpster of your choice. Just let us know the dumpster you need for your project and we will send the same at your location within 48 hours in most cases.

Competitive Pricing

It is quite easy to lose a client because of the high cost of service, and we don’t want to let go of our clients, so we have kept the prices of our dumpster rental service within the reach of everybody. You will be amazed to see the difference in our prices when compared to others.

No Hidden Fees

We hate it big time, so we won’t be having any shocker for you at the time of making the payment. What we quote at the beginning is what you will have to pay, unless you have opted for additional service(s). Transparency is a key factor when it comes to building a strong client base, and we don’t think you will find a company as transparent as ours in Santa Rosa.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us

Jennifer Bing
Jennifer Bing
19. February, 2021.
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Ian and the team was AMAZING. Super helpful figuring out what we needed, the fastest response rate ever! And the dumpster was dropped on time, picked up on time and the deposit returned in a day. THANK YOU!
John Virball
John Virball
25. August, 2020.
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Good pricing, arrived on time, good looking dumpster, picked it up when requested. What more can you ask of a dumpster?
Wanlun Wang
Wanlun Wang
19. June, 2020.
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Speed Dumpster Rental job done great. They were friendly, schedule on time, and have good price.
John Story
John Story
11. June, 2020.
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A very well run company and polite staff for a business that is not very glamorous. Would use them again.

The Dumpster Rental Process

It may seem easy, but renting a dumpster can be painful, especially when you don’t know the right size and the type of waste that you can add in it. To know everything about the dumpster rental process, follow these steps:

– Step 1 –

Discerning the type and amount of waste you expect to accumulate

When you call Speedy Dumpster Rental, it will be helpful if you’ve given some thought to the amount of waste that will aggregate on your premises, and what type it is. If you can be as specific as possible with details such as the type of material you want to see removed, and the volume and timeframe for service, then it will be easier for the company to provide you with the right sized dumpster and optimal service. Try to plan ahead, and call us a week or two prior to when you’ll need your roll-off unit. We can move in a hurry in a pinch, of course. But adequate planning is an indispensable tool for overall project management that we see exhibited by our successful clients time and time again. And our team at Speedy Dumpster Rental in Santa Rosa may be able to use the extra time to find you greater savings!

– Step 2 –

Call Speedy Dumpster Rental Santa Rosa for a quote

Discussing the cost of renting a dumpster beforehand eliminates the chances of confrontations once your project is complete. At the end of the day, the cost of a dumpster rental is based upon a combination of factors, including dumpster size, the duration of the rental term, your location, and in some cases weight limits that need to be applied to the unit due to the material (dirt, brick, rock, asphalt, and concrete are quite different from splintered wood and trash, for example). Talking with one of our representatives to clarify specific details before finalizing an agreement, is a best practice that we recommend.

– Step 3 –

Preparing the premises for your dumpster delivery

The final step of the dumpster rental process is getting your premises ready for delivery. You should zero-in on the best spot to place the dumpster. If that place turns out to be a street, then make sure that you have a permit to place the dumpster on the street. A permit from your local municipality, township or county may be necessary. If you plan to keep the dumpster inside your property, then avoid selecting a spot where there is soft ground, as the weight of a fully-loaded steel container can easily destroy or damage the surface. Selecting a spot where the surface is durable, such as asphalt or concrete, is best. If possible, place wooden planks beneath the dumpster to avoid direct contact with the surface beneath. The dumpster should not be overloaded, as this can imbalance the dumpster during transport away from your premises, and prohibit our driver from being able to secure a cover for the drive to the landfill.

Our Fleet Of Dumpsters

At Speedy Dumpster Rental, you will find an impressive fleet of dumpsters in key sizes to accommodate the different project needs of clients. Here’s our lineup:

This is an entry-level dumpster, which is used to dispose of garbage and other waste. It may also be used to dispose of debris and material created by remodeling projects, such as a kitchen or a bathroom remodel.

This is obviously a bigger dumpster compared to the 10-yard dumpster and can accommodate a larger volume of waste. You can rent it for remodeling projects, such as tearing up a floor or replacing a carpet, or cleaning out a basement or garage.

A construction site is surrounded by waste, which at times puts the brakes on the speed of any construction project. At such times, our second largest dumpster can come to the rescue! The 30-yard dumpster is ideal for most mid-to-large construction sites.

The biggest dumpster in our fleet, our 40-yard container is reserved for the most complicated construction projects, where waste is produced in large quantities. A 40-yard dumpster can easily accommodate large volumes of waste and dispose of it safely in a single trip. Construction companies rent 40-yard roll-off bins to save time and money because a smaller size might require multiple trips to carry-off the same amount of debris that a 40-yarder can handle in just one trip.

Call Speedy Dumpster Rental Santa Rosa at (707) 708-3032, we’ll collect the necessary information about your project that allows us to guide you to the perfect roll-off container and service for your upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you!